Wash Day!!!

Today I decided to share with you guys my wash day routine-okay not really routine,I try different stuff every time I wash!mainly because I haven’t found what really works for me,if you have,don’t fix what’s not broken(I always wanted to say that*Tee-hee*),unless you want to see how it works in case it does get broken, so you have a backup plan and…..I’m going to TRY(notice the caps?)to keep this short and simple,’cause I have a tendency to go completely off course so yea…

What I used

Dudu Osun Shampoo(remember that review/tutorial I made?yea well using it in the liquid form didn’t really work out well for me,more than half of it went on the bathroom floor every time I tried to wash,so I used the bar this time!)

Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil & Herbs(I just got this,so watch out for my review on it!)

VO5 Conditioner

My DIY Creamy Moisturiser(you can find the recipe here)


I shampoo every two weeks and deep condition every week in case you were wondering, this is mainly because I may or may not put my hair in braids or something and I always like to be prepared, just in case I do.


I did the whole stuff in the order I wrote it so there’s really not much to it,but I put some pictures in case you were curious…..

I shampooed(is that even a word?!?!)with the DO bar(shortened it ’cause it gets really tiring typing it fully,which is really counterproductive if you think about it cause I ended up typing this whole sentence……….oh well)

Shampoo in my hair…didn’t use too much

Then deep conditioned with the Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil & Herbs(nuh-uh i’m not going to tell you how that went,my lips are sealed,you’re not getting anything out out of me,you get what I mean*smug smile*

the camera was wayyyy off 😀


Put in the VO5 conditioner for a few minutes,detangled and then rinsed out(Check out my post on detangling if you are having problems with it!)


And then I put in my DIY Creamy Moisturiser-did I mention it’s also a great detangler? -and put it in twists(Am I the only one that can’t seem to part it right?I’ve never seen my scalp after twisting before,if you can notice in previous posts :/

Okay lemme confess….I had my hair stylist put my hair in twists,cause i’m so horrible at it…*side eye*


Happy Belated Birthday Twindles,you little twat :D,Salanghae ❤ !!!

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Byee 😉




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