1st Year Length Check!

Hey guys!Its finally my one year hairniversary(which you would be aware of if you noticed the countdown)!!!So i’m going to do this in two parts,the first,which is this, the length check and the second is going in-depth,with why i went “natural” and pictures of me lookin’ all…*side eye*…but yea we are going to do comparisons and stuff,so much fun,yayy!

Lets get on with it…

Oh and by the way,

Last relaxer:Late May or Early June(Not quite sure ’cause i’m not ready to start searching for pictures…which is really weird since i had to search out the comparison pictures-Hello,people,I’m Captain Obvious!)

Big Chop:June 23rd(not sure if i should call it a big chop though,since i didn’t chop off all the relaxed ends)


I am going to start with the front of my hair…Okay let me clarify something,this isn’t really a length check, cause that would imply i actually measured with a tape or ruler,lets just call it a stretch and see *wink*…yes again with the Miss Obvious since you were going to notice eventually,i’m on a roll today…..moving on……


The left side above my ear


The right side, also above my ear


My crown,you know ’cause imma queen(that’s the top middle part of my head in case you were wondering!)


And the back of my head



And we’re done

I was supposed to post this yesterday but…life happened so yea,lets pretend I posted this yesterday eh? 😀

I know I sound like a tv ad but…stay tuned for the next part,don’t click that button! 😀

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Byee 😉



2 Comments Add yours

  1. CarinesCurls says:

    That’s a lot of length for one year! Your hair looks great!


    1. Mide says:

      Thank you 😀


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