DIY Okra Leave-In/Detangler

This is also sort of an update on my detangling post…so I have to tell you how i came across this.
My brother came home from the university recently and found me mid-detangling session..after he annoyed the heck out of me(which is pretty normal everytime he comes home to visit) he kept staring at me like this scientific specimen so I was like “what?!?!”
And then the most beautifully brilliant statement came out of his mouth, why don’t you use something slippery,like okra??(though now that I think about it he was probably most likely-My english teacher will be so proud-being sarcastic(runs in the family)).

The wheels started turning in my head but I made sure to give no outwards signs(didn’t want him to know I was taking him seriously),I turned back to detangling my hair.The minute he left my room,I lunged for my laptop to access my trusty friend,Google,and what did I find?go on,ask me!Well i’m going to answer anyways.
In the words of Alaadin,a whole neeeeww woorld!!!Turns out a lot of people have already tried and are using it and the best part?It doubles as a leave in!(the N2800 i was saving to buy one will be put to good use *pats pocket*).

The end.

Just kidding!I’m going to show you how I made mine and the effects it had on my hair,like a tutorial.

What I used
4 okra(I have a hang up about even numbers,you could use any amount but not too much,sort of in that range)
Sauce pan/pot
Any oil of your choice(I used coconut oil)
A container


I rinsed the okra pieces and placed them on a plate and then I grated it,like this.If you don’t have a grater,you can use a knife,just chop it in small pieces.



For comparison,the ones I grated are on the left and the chopped ones on the right,not much of a difference.So don’t use not having a grater as an excuse(like I did),-but turns out I did-get off your lazy ass and go make yours!


And then I put it in the pot and poured in some water.At this point,according to google,I let it simmer on low heat for 15 minutes,stirring constantly(seriously, don’t skip this,I learnt the hard way) and then added in a little more water and left it on heat for another 5 minutes.

And then I sieved


And added in the coconut oil
And poured it in the container,then I shook….and danced(at least what I call dancing),just because(okay I’m fibbing I was happy because I just saved money 😀 ).

Want to see how it made my hair?My hair is dry in the picture in case you were wondering.

And to think I only finger detangled! Me is thinking ’twill be awesome for a twist or braid out



Remember what I said about detangling?well I loosened AND detangled the twists I made..okay my stylist made in the time it would normally take me to just plain detangle,an hour and some minutes,Also remember when I mentioned it once took me two days to loosen 8 normal sized cornrows?yea

The slip was so awesomely grossly slimy!

I wasn’t pouring it


Absolutely perfect,it doesn’t smell..AT ALL…and my hair absorbed every bit of the beauty,it didn’t feel slimy in the least once it did and it felt very moisturised.

Oh and I added in some Apple Cider Vinegar to lower the pH!

Awesomely defined braid out,Here I come!!!

UPDATE!!! I forgot to add this in,it lasts for only two weeks,which is why I suggested not using too much at the beginning of the post.Keep it refrigerated and shake well before use.



I will be uploading a collage of the entire process later on so you could just save it.

My birthday is coming up on the 24th of July!,Yes i’mma Leo!*wink* ;p

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Byee 😉



8 Comments Add yours

    1. Mide says:

      Thanks.Hope you give it a try,its nicer than it looks! 🙂


      1. I tried it 😉 and loved it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mide says:

        I’m glad you did! 😀


  1. Ha! Got ya! I saw one of your post about dudu osun and shop rite. I forgot to comment that day but I know it’s you because of your about page. And yes writing is not as easy as it looks, I started writing all this silly stories at eight but even then, there are times where I couldn’t just write down my imagination, so I would just draw them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mide says:

      Lol yea I customized a little bit,I can understand why you couldn’t recognize it at first and yea,I’m very familiar with writers’ block.Do you still draw?


      1. Yea, I still do but sadly not much as I want or used to.


      2. Mide says:

        Same here.I’m going to try to create time soon anyways :D,I’d love to see some of your works someday 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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