African Threading-Stretching my natural hair

I remember in secondary school(which isn’t that long ago)I used to run away from this hairstyle,more often than not I was unsuccessful because they called hairstyles for us gals every week and we HAD to do it(I didn’t!)They checked during assembly(sort of guess?) so I came late every day of every week!See?Rebel I’m telling you.

After that I just had to avoid one entity-seriously she was evil with a capital B,if you know what I mean-….Ok you know what let me just come all out!She was and still is a total bitch,we nicknamed her Michael Jackson cause she walked and danced AND talked like she had a stick permanently up her butt-You know like in the thriller video)And the worst part was she was beyond retiring age but she chose to stay “because she loves children” *hmmn hmmn*

Okay back to the threading(also called kiko) so I hated it but now I voluntarily carried myself to the salon to get it done-oh the irony!-but turns out it isn’t as horrible as I remember.

Or maybe because I’m older now(I remember when I was small and when I complained the braid was too tight the hairdresser threatened to knock me on the head with her huge ass comb-lets see her try it now*tough face*)



I used my moms phone for this,see how clear it is?

So yea I told her I don’t want it tight… AT ALL and it turned out pretty..nice?I looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself and its an awesome protective style.

Check out the pictures!

Front view(sorry about the blurriness I used my phone’s camera,notice the difference?)


Notice those bags around my eyes?That is what comes from a night of marathon movie watching :D(And I’d do it all over again!)



Pouty face…just for kicks :p


Today is my birthday!!!Want to see my cake?

Ha!I wish 😀


Who else was born on the 24th of July??
I was going to post something else entirely but it got deleted*sigh*
So what do you think?
Any stories about school or your childhood?
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Byee 😉


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