DIY Toner

Hey guys!Its Friday!!!TGIF seriously I’m not standing up till eleven tomorrow!
So I heard of this toner and decided to give it a try,in case you were wondering,I have really oily skin(like I poured a vat of oil on my face before I went to sleep oily,and not even the sweet smelling,sophisticated sort of oil,i’m talking KFC/Mcdonald’s/Burger King grease sort of oil…yea)

The toner I currently use is the Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Exfoliating Toner and I suppose it does as good a job as it can but I don’t like the sticky feeling it leaves on my face and it has a strong though nice smell,at least for me(though I also think methylated spirit has a nice smell,is that weird?)

For those who don’t know what a toner is, its purpose is to balance the pH of your skin,cleanse,shrinks pores….to read directly from the bottle,Palmers Skin Success Eventone Toner leaves skin completely clean and fresh. Beta hydroxy formula gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells that can give your complexion a dull appearance. Tea Tree Oil acts as a natural cleanser, eliminating all traces of make up and pollution without stripping skin’s protective barrier(yea copy and paste)….blah blah blah…you get the point.

So the base ingredient is…….can you guess???….

Go on….

At least give it a try…


Jeez you’re horrible at guessing…

Please enough,you’re killing me*hehe*



Apple Cider Vinegar!!!Kinda anti-climatic eh?you were probably expecting me to say something like “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”…I have no idea what that means,I just searched for “longest word in the dictionary” on google…okay it has an interestingly morbid meaning….moving on……

Preferably the organic one,you know the one with the mother in it(why do they call it that?!It sounds all kinds of creepy….   ..the mother*shudder*oooh it rhymes!)but if you can’t find it,like me(actually I found one online but it was too expensive.N5000($25) for a 10 oz bottle?!?! and then I had to pay for shipping again.H to the F NO!…..isn’t it really sad that I couldn’t find it in the supermarket?Shoprite you should be ashamed of yourself!)you could use the normal brands.I used the Foodtown Apple Cider Vinegar.

I know it sounds…putting ACV on your face,but think,if you can put it in your hair,why not your face?(ok that wasn’t in the least bit helpful*facepalm*)

What you will need
Apple Cider Vinegar
Water or Green tea
A container(I used a spray bottle)


*I mixed it in a ratio 3:1,like I mixed 3 parts water with 1 part of ACV as a test trial(if you have sensitive skin,reduce the amount of ACV),you could use that cup cover thingy they put on drug solutions to measure…or something.You could also use green tea in place of water(I was going to but I was too lazy to go get some at the store)just make your tea like you normally would and let it cool down before you mix it.

*OR you could just do like I did and fill your bottle 3/4 of the way with water and the rest 1/4 with your ACV and shake!

*So I cleansed my face,squirted a bit on my cotton ball and used it to wipe my face,avoiding my eye and lip area.It stung a bit but not unbearably.

*I let it dry completely before applying my moisturiser


The smell was very there, as it dried it got less strong and it was completely gone by the time I applied my moisturiser so you don’t have to worry about walking about smelling like a salad!

My face felt so blessedly dry….and smooth(seriously it was like an immediate effect) and when I woke up,the only part of my face that looked a little wittle bitty oily was my nose*sigh*but the smoothness lasted till the next day and it couldn’t stop feeling it(I woke up with my hand on my face!)

I noticed my face got less dry after using it by the third day and it only felt baby soft and smooth.So I’m going to keep using it(I will stop using the palmers for that duration) and I will also post an update in two weeks (and tell you if it made my skin any better…..or worse(hopefully not!))

I also heard it works for bacne(back acne)and chicken skin….

So why don’t you try it out?You never know if the only thing standing between you and perfectly clear,smooth skin is a well formulated toner!

This is my first post on skin care,what do you think?
I found this DIY online and some people claimed it completely got rid of their acne and blackheads…miracle cure anyone?
Let me know if you’re willing to try it and if you noticed anything different about your skin.
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Byee 😉


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