DIY Homemade Protein Treatment

After neglecting my hair in yarn locs for  a little over a month now, I took them down last week,washed my hair and did other things you do when you take down a hairstyle.

This week it occurred to me that I hadn’t done a protein treatment in a long time, so I got really excited and itchy for the weekend to come(like you know when you’ve been waiting for month for your birthday to arrive and FINALLY!!! It’s the next day?yea that sort of restlessness)

Finally its the weekend. Buut wait a minute!(tyres squealing)I don’t have a protein conditioner!So I searched for recipes online, and? read on!

What you will need


Olive Oil

I put four tablespoons(I have this stuff about even numbers) of Mayonnaise into a bowl,cracked in my two eggs,added another four table spoons of olive oil and…oh wait!At the last minute,I added in two tablespoons of honey,I don’t know why,maybe because it was right in front of me,we’ll never know!

I put this in my hair and covered it in a plastic bag for 30 minutes,rinsed out and followed with the deep conditioner.
Now let me say something about my experience with this.

I strongly disliked it(because hate is a very strong word and we should not blah blah)

First,I strongly dislike  Mayonnaise, I don’t know what people see in it, but I guess to each her/his own. I barely tolerate eggs talk less  of raw eggs.And the drippies, gosh!This thing was literally running before I even got around to putting the plastic baggie on-rest the soul of the poor towel I was using.*In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have used so much eggs*

The smell…it smelled like my baby brother’s puke when he was an actual baby-you know when you put a baby over your shoulder to burp and you feel an avalanche of puke running down your back and then the smell hits you a second later?…yea that smell.It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t pleasant either(Though my other brother seems to think differently).

How’s that for descriptors, teach?

Okay I’m being slightly over dramatic(if that’s even possible) but in short this recipe was a lesson in disaster for me, I don’t even know why I tried this, knowing all these things.

So in the end was it worth it?Yup,my curls were seriously flouncing the next day.
Would I do it again?Let me answer this as simply as I can.
Maybe I’ll look into trying the other recipe I found.


Why did I put the warning at the end?*evil chuckle*

Oh and follow this treatment immediately with a deep conditioner.


SO!Whaddoya think guys??Would you be willing to give this a try?

If you are,test on a patch of hair before you put it all over,you might be protein sensitive and not even know!

I’m going to be expanding my “base”(as they call it)So you can be expecting DIY Crafts, prose and random little stories from moi.

I’m also thinking about changing my blog address,I think it’s too long(should have thought about that before)

Leave me a comment of what you think 🙂

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Byee 😉



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