Product Review-Emily Millionaire Coconut Oil and Herbs

When I can’t find avocados, I use…Oh that’s right, I have no effin idea!

Isn’t it really frustrating when you worked so hard, toiled day and night (five minutes :D, but still! ) just to finish something and your dog ends up making a snack out of it? Or in this case whoever controls this whole “ish”

It’s such a shame that the teacher never seems to believe! I mean it’s totally believable, isn’t it??

So I have written this before but it got deleted-and I don’t care what they say about the second being better than the first! I’d have preferred not to rewrite at all!

You’ve probably heard of this product….or not, depending on where you live…it’s the-the-em…you know what I can’t say this without cracking up so just refer to the name at the top.

So I got this at the market at the prices of N300 and N350, the first shop I went to only had one so I had to go to the next and it was slightly pricey-er than the first…but whatevs…still CHEAP!!!

You know what they say about not judging a book by its cover? Well you should really listen to the dude…or dudette that came up with that. To be blunt, the little container looks like a really cheap relaxer…you know,those crappy ones that damage your hair to the point of no return all the while turning it a nice shade of shit brown?Yea those ones.

On the cover wrapped around it,it says it should be massaged into the scalp?!?! Okay before I proceed I just have to say “Baaaaaad idea!”. The ingriedients listed include: 100% Natural Coconut Oil & Herbs, Soya Beans Oil, Carrrot Oil, Bergamot Oil, Saint Basil, Banana Jam?(Hmmn…),Vitamin E, Refined Palm Oil, Placenta?!?!( Okay now i’m really suspicious about the “& other Herbs part of the name!”), Protein, D Panthenol, African Shea Butter, Avocado Pear Oil and Almond Oil, Honey, Vegetable Oil(Why?!?!), Orange Pells(yes that was what was written on it,pretty sure they meant “Peels”), Jojoba, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera.It also mentions that it can be used on relaxed and natural hair and it is produced in Nigeria,Yayy!..soo….


Here’s a picture so you can see what I’m talking about


I went ahead to open it up and got a nice nose full of some alcohol, yes it smells like it has alcohol in it but I used it as a deep conditioner,not a leave-in and is it weird that I loved the smell?(though I also love the scent of methylated spirit)It reminds me of Magic Moments vodka but with a hint of coconut.


The first I used(the one I got from the first shop) had a runny but creamy consistency but the others more closely resembled a deep conditionery consistency,it spread quite easily over my hair and I didn’t have to use a lot of it.


This is the first one,the second has a much thicker consistency


It has some chunks of stuff in it so I guess I can kindasortamaybe believe the all natural part(even for the whole “smells like alcohol” part, you could argue it is natural!)and the chunks wash out completely, so you don’t have to worry about that(I remember my disaster of a deep conditioning treatment, featuring Miss Banana,which I will be writing about pretty soon)


I apply this on wash days and cover with a plastic cap(or in my case nylon)for a minimum of 30 minutes and can I just rave about how good my hair feels afterwards,If you are looking for a good budget-friendly deep conditioner for hair,(especially if you are in school), this is your product.It isn’t slippery enough for proper detangling but I think the job it does as a deep conditioner is awesome, especially considering how cheap it is!I also don’t add any thing to it,I just plop it on my hair and cover with my plastic baggie,easy peasy!

Final thoughts on this?

I think the company could have done better job on the packaging, the fact that they made a lot of mistakes when writing directions to use,ingredients and effects is just sad, its something they could have easily corrected seeing as they even changed the container it comes in. The name is even more sadd-er*Seriously*(yes that was apparently just added to the dictionary of “nonexistent”).With better packaging, this product could’ve gone for as high as N1000 to N1500,gosh knows there are crappier products with more outrageous prices on the market these days(speaking of outrageous prices,don’t forget to subscribe so you can see my next review!)


I’ll rate this a 3 out of 5, mainly because its cheap and not much makes me happier than finding a good cheap product!!!(really depends on your definition of much)


So what do you think?Have you used this product before,did you like it?Let me know in the comments section.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe Prisca says:

    I love emily millionaire products, I used it just once,but ever since then I can’t get it, I have been searching for it


  2. Busayomi says:

    I have used alot of Emilly Millionaire product. This coconut oil especially. Well, I would like to say the one you bought was a fake one. I actually saw this product the first time, maybe when it came out newly. They did an marketing and awareness promo of Emilly Millionaire products, and they sold packs/sets of their products so, I bought them. After I finished using the products, The only product I do not like their is their relaxer. But for the Coconut Oil, I always go for for at Agaran – inside Ojuwoye Market at Mushin. And it is the same original products – All white till I finish it and smells nice, especially with Coconut.

    When I left Mushin, I bought this same product again at Bariga because I found no reason i should travel to Mushin when there is a market in Bariga too. My sister, I noticed that when I used the first part of the product, the next time I wanted to use it, I opened it, the colour was almost chocolate brown and it smells more like an alcohol. Then I actually thought Emilly product was not good anymore. But the particular leave in I use, I found it in Lagos and Bariga Market, I couldn’t find it, so I decided to go back home in Mushin – Agaran to purchase some of my hair product and this time, something still pushed me to buy this Emilly Millionaire Coconut Oil at my own risk and even me, I almost do not want to believe it, It doesn’t change colour or smell and I intentionally kept it for 2 months before the expiry date and it remains the same like when I just bought it. Like the very first one I used.

    So, I think this particular ones you bought was made in Alaba by our brothers.


    N:B – I am not a marketer or a staff at Emilly Millionaire products company. I just love their products because it works for me, except their relaxer and their conditioner.


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