A Frog named Hermes the Frog


I always thought that if I ever got around to owning a pet, it would be a dog-probably a Siberian husky-or a green-eyed black cat.

I don’t know why I found myself wondering about a frog, a frog named Hermes the Frog.

We were watching the morning show, they were showing a brief documentary on photography. The model was sitting there posing while the photographer was explained about the reflectors and lights and what not.

My brother suggested he should have been photographing something more interesting, more vibrant that would show the lights well, like a frog and that was how the “idea” of Hermes the Frog was born.

Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia was a mischievous little bastard who messed with other gods and goddesses for kicks. Hermes the Frog, My frog would have also been mischievous, if only a little and would have listened to all my woes, staring at me with his unnervingly bulging eyes all the while catching imaginary flies with his long, sticky tongue.

I admit that my perception of frogs may have been influenced by the Disney version-If you’ve watched The Princess and the Frog,you’d understand. And I have been looking at the idea of Hermes the Frog with rose-tinted glasses.

I’ve never seen a frog before -unless you count the ones on the National Geographic Channel- but if they are anything like their close cousins, then I don’t think I would like them very much.

As I was sitting here thinking about Hermes the Frog I started trying to remember all the pets I wanted but never got around to having and I sadly could not recall all of them. So I decided to immortalise Hermes the Frog so he wouldn’t just be another forgotten memory.

Here’s to all the pets we’ve wanted but never had!



Happy Independence days guys!!!

Yes I said I was going to be spreading my wings-not literally-and posting about other stuff apart from skin care and hair,so what do you think?This is the first time I’ve written something like this.

Leave me a comment about anything and everything!

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Byee 😉



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