African Hairstyles back in time-Pictorial

This hairstyle is one that has been around since as long as I can remember. It originated from  Yoruba land, one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria, which, contrary to popular belief, is a tribe and not a place.Yes, I know I said “land” but let me explain it this as simply as I can-The people ARE the land.So when you hear Yoruba land,they referring to the people/tribe/ethnic group, ç’est clair?

In the olden days,only queens (known as “olori”) were allowed to make this hairstyle,It was then adorned with the royal traditional beads.It is traditionally known as “Suku Elewo”.

It kind of reminds me of a bicycle wheel..or a basket.

I’m going to show you how to achieve this hairstyle,and my head did look like a basket…or orange after.

The braiding technique used for this style is called “side didi”

What I used

Leave-in conditioner(You can use any of your choice)

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil(I got mine from the market)

My DIY Creamy Moisturiser

I washed and LOC’d before this entire process,this is important to make sure your hair stays healthy.

How to

I(My hairstylist,I can’t braid to save my cake)parted my hair horizontally-from the crown of my head-into two halves,making the top half larger than the lower half.

See how thick it is?THIS!Is what I have to deal with every time I wash!

Put the lower half into a ponytail or bun,whichever you prefer.And taking your cutting/rat tail comb part your hair in a curve starting from the very edge of your hair line,you can decide what direction you want your hair to go,but you need to make sure it looks like the picture. Braid following the curve you made.


Keep parting until you are done with the section and continue with the lower half,following the curves,it will get more fluid as you go on.


Seal your ends with a little bit of castor oil.

The best parts about this hairstyle(apart from the obvious awesomeness of basket-head of course!)Is that you get to tuck your ends in,which makes it an awesome protective style.

And when you take it down,you’d have an awesomely defined braid out!

To achieve this horn-bun looking thingy at the end,all you have to do is pull your ends straight up,braid the very ends ONLY and tuck it in.

Just tuck it in

Voila!You have your Shuku(Basket-head)

This is the finished look

Front View
Side View
Back View

I would have put beads if I had some…hmmn maybe its time I went shopping, OR maybe go all the way and get me some of those traditional beads I was telling you about!

If you are based in the UK, you can get these cute little metallic beads to accessorise this hairstyle HERE or HERE at Feral Forever

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Byee ;D


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      Hi Sarah!I’m totally down with that!I checked out your blog and am looking forward to reading more from you 😉


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