First of,lemme just say HAPPY(BELATED?)NEW YEAR GUYS!!!

I know I know,you don’t have to tell me,I know…

I’ve been a terrible blogger…I haven’t posted in months…MONTHS!!!And that is a new record,even for me and I take full responsibility of that(not like anyone’s going to flog me*tongue  in cheek*)

Buuut it hasn’t been completely my fault,contrary to what you may believe…let’s just say my laptop had…*clears throat*…lets call it an accident,shall we?My parents refused to get me another one,called me careless,can you imagine?!



And its not exactly easy to write posts on my ANCIENT(believe the CAPS)phone…I know excuses excuses excuses…I’ll TRY not to let that happen again…anytime…soon. 🤓😁


So to all the people who are still following my blog,I appreciate you guys,you’re awesome ;)😘…and to those who unfollowed 😒,don’t worry you will still come back again(joking 😜…not about the following me back part though 💁🏼)



So this was more of a signing back in blog post,Cus this gal is back,and she’s INFINITELY BETTER!!!(I even have some new michievous/embarrasing stories AND tons of new DIY skin/hair care stuffs to share with you guys)

I’m also going to be posting my “2 Years In” update…Yup,today marks 2 years since I last used a relaxer on my hair 🤓

If I tend to use unfamiliar slangs,don’t be worried,I’ve been spending too much time around my friends and as they say,”Street ti take over” 🙌🏼😜

You can find me on my new instagram blog page @…(I’ll update it when I remember lol),I’ll definitely follow back 🙃

If you don’t remember the drill,don’t worry,I’ll remind you 😌

Like if u like

Don’t forget to follow(Please I’m on my knees,I we not do that again 🙃)

And don’t be greedy,share this post to the world

Byee 😜


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