African Hairstyles back in time-Pictorial

This hairstyle is one that has been around since as long as I can remember. It originated from ¬†Yoruba land, one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria, which, contrary to popular belief, is a tribe and not a place.Yes, I know I said “land” but let me explain it this as simply as I…

Trimming my hair without heat

You’ve been avoiding this for so long!Don’t you think its time to cut off all the dead weight??

Beware!!!:Those nasty little buggers will not leave you easily!!!

DIY Homemade Protein Treatment

After neglecting my hair in yarn locs for¬† a little over a month now, I took them down last week,washed my hair and did other things you do when you take down a hairstyle. This week it occurred to me that I hadn’t done a protein treatment in a long time, so I got really…

African Threading-Stretching my natural hair

After years of running away from this,it finally caught up with me and it’s surprisingly not as bad as I remember!An easy peasy heatless stretching method for natural hair.